Throwback Thursday: European Longboard Dance Contest 2013

Happy Faces all over this book :) 

Whenever I'm in Berlin, I need to stop by at a special longboard shop and say hi to its owner :) It's Funky Summer in Wedding, Berlin where I got my very first longboard. So, it's always nice to see Fränky and what he has been up to. This January when I was there, I saw this huge book lying there and I was like: Oh my! Are these pictures from the European Longboard Contest last summer? Yes, indeed! I haven't seen him since that summer and it was nice to look back again :)

Fränky printed some funny shots from the riders into a large book, so that any visitor who comes around, can have a look :) Just wanted to show some of them to you and take a look back at last summer's big longboard event :)

It was amazing and a lovely experience, but read the whole story here..

Pictures in the book by Frank Sommer.

Pictures in the book by Frank Sommer.