Short Vacation at Schloss Babelsberg

The reason why I didn't post anything in the last 3 weeks was because of exams and deadlines for my studies. As a student you might know how it is when your semester is heading towards the end and time is becoming even more precious. You try to work efficiently and let nothing distract you. Therefore, I spend most of my time in the library, studying, and if not in the library, exercising and doing yoga to calm down. 

So, I was looking forward to some rest & relaxation with my boyfriend not too far away from Berlin. It was his birthday and for someone you love what's better to give than time? Time and Attention. Since we already did a trip to the Baltic Sea last summer, I booked some nights in Potsdam, at Schloss Babelsberg. It was really hard to decide where to go, but this lovely blog made it so much easier for me:Liebling Brandenburg. You should check it out if you want to get away for some short breaks close to Berlin :)

We ended up at Zimmer mit Ausblick, a holiday house built in 1895, restored in 2001, where you can book different apartments and rooms with a wonderful view to the park of the Babelsberg Palace. I've decided on the Garden Apartment with one large living/bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. I really liked the fact that the wall towards the garden is completely made out of glass, so we would watch the sunrise in the mornings and sunsets in the evenings. 

Although we planned to check out some local restaurants, we finished our evenings with some cooking and wine 'at home' instead. I really enjoyed this kind of stay because you're free to do anything you want at any time and it's more private compared to a big hotel where you have an entrance hall with people coming and leaving everytime. Of course, you're also free to do anything you want in a hotel room, but I think this kind of stay is more independent, you're not bound to breakfast/lunch/dinner times. The owners are living at the very top of the house and you can reach the lovely Pia via her mobile phone. She welcomed us very warmly and was surprised about us. We were her youngest guests so far, but hopefully not the only ones ;-)

We rented two bikes for our whole stay at hers and explored the nearby parks, lakes and castles. In only a 30 to 45minutes bike ride, you can reach the Sanssouci Park and Palace. So, there is plenty to discover and walk around :) A lot of greens & nature :) I did not take as much pictures of the sightseeing stuff because often, you won't look at them again, and other times it's just good to put your phone or camera away and let the moment just be. 

No capturing the reality, only living and experiencing :)

Have a happy, relaxed and new week guys, I hope you'll always take your time for rest & peace ♥

Thanks again Pia, we had a wonderful time in Klein-Glienicke and wish you and your family all the best :) Take care!

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