The Bread Exchange Experience

How do I know about the Bread Exchange, Malin and friends asked me. Well, I think the first time I read about her and the project was in a blog back in 2010, and at that time I think, she wasn't as big as she is now.. In the recent years she became more recognized and is featured in many magazines and newspapers. 

But what is the Bread Exchange all about and why was I interested in one of her breads? Malin Elmlid, Swedish, but living in Berlin is fascinated by the craft of bread making and was curious about how to make bread without any yeast, only salt, flour and water, pure and traditional.

As you might know, I am baking my breads with yeast because I do not have the time to knead the dough all day. Additionally, I've never tried sourdough before, therefore I was curious about the taste of her breads because she does actually take her time (maybe 24hours) to knead and bake breads. Her project is about trading in her bread for special things or experiences, but not money. I recommend you to read her About & FAQs to learn more about it.

So this wednesday, when I was doing some email & blog stuff, I saw on facebook that she posted that she's having a break from bread making until the end of July, but has right now a rosemary bread in the oven. Who is interested? Definitely, I was! (I am right now in Berlin and spending some weeks here before I take off for a big journey). I thought about what to trade in and let her know :)

This was it. I traded in some chili powder and spices from the Sudan and self-grounded organic rye flour. Yeah, crazy, my boyfriend just bought a flour mill and now, we're making our own flour by hand :D Yes, it takes a long time, but it's fun and worth it ;-) Malin was really nice when we met and I was amazed about the shape and the look of the bread with its imprint of leaves on top, never have I seen such a beautiful one!

How did it taste? :) I brought it home and couldn't wait to share it with my friends, it tasted a bit sour, different from mine, but really delicious and hearty. My friends enjoyed it with some butter and I had it with avocado, but this bread can be also enjoyed plain. 

So if you're a breadlover as I am and want to have such a delicious-and-yummy experience, subscribe to Malins Blog  orFB Pageand maybe you'll be the next one who gets the chance to trade in something for one of her unique breads :) 

P.S.: Malin is also bringing out her first book about the Bread Exchange in the US and in Europe in October ;-)