Skydiving at GoJump Berlin Gransee

Hey guys!!! I know this does not really belong to my blog, but I thought, well, why not share those funny pictures. And also, I've wanted to share this craaazy experience with you! So, as you know from my birthday post a year ago, I've got a tandem jump as a present and yesterday was the day! I've arrived at Go Jump-Gransee, an hour away from Berlin, around 10am and the atmosphere there was really relaxed. I wasn't nervous at all because I had a very short night and was rather tired then afraid. Right before we walked to the plane, I was superdupermega excited and happy to do this :)

My tandem-master Phil was also very cool. I guess, he must be when he actually lives in Australia ;-) The weather was at first clear and nice, but turned into grey and rainy, so that we had to turn back down with the plane at 2000m. Another 30minutes passed by and we had our 2nd try, let's do this!!! 

But first, let us take a selfie :)

At 4000m, everything happened so fast. Phil pushed me towards the door and I only saw how the others before us disappeared in the clouds. I had to lean back my head and then.. we jumped off the plane and fell into a big cloud and I felt raindrops or ice hurting my face so badly, I never thought that rain could be this painful!!! Damn, it was like a rain peeling. The pictures are speaking for themselves, yes, I was suffering! After the freefall, I was extremly happy when Phil pulled the parachute and we glided through the air. At that point it was pretty enjoyable and Phil let me direct the parachute and we also did 360° turns :)

Looking back, it was tons of fun and now, I cannot wait to do this again :) and hey, who can tell such a story? :D I fell through rain and it hurt so bad! You should do it, too ;-)