Rocky Mountains // Mount Fairview

Mount Fairview 2744m

5.1km to summit

1013m elevation gain

6hour round trip

In the Hiking Map it said: 

In a region that was explored by Swiss Mountain Guides in the early 20th century, it makes sense to challenge your inner mountaineer with a steep hike up a famous peak. And the 'fair' view at the top? It's downright spectacular!

A few thoughts from me:

This was the hardest hike I've ever done. I had my stick because I just sprained my ankle, but still it was really challenging. It was very very steep and the last 400m were just crazy. There was actually no way, no trail, only stones. We had to climb up there. Yep, it was hard for me and the sun was burning, we had little water. At some point, I was like: fuck it, boys, you go by yourself, I'll wait here.. but I was almost up there.. after a short break: okay, let's do this, I came so far and want to see the view, let's not look back, take your time and walk up slowly and safely!

WE MADE IT :) :) :)

Everything was gone and we were so so so happy! Enjoy the pictures and see what nature offers to us!

Happy faces on top of Mount Fairview, thank you guys!

On our way back, we got somekind of lost and didn't take the same route back, hello shortcut! We skipped most of the forest part and sat down to slide down the stones.. Going downwards was painful for my ankle, but sitting and sliding was really good! Yes, it was fun, but we had no more water, so we rushed to come back down to Lake Louise to dunk our heads into water.. 

This was my last post from the Rocky Mountains in Canada and I'll assure you, I'll be back, better trained and better prepared for many more hiking trips! Cheers! ♥

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