NYC #1 // Welcome back to NY

As you know, I kicked off my new semester with NYFW (see the street styles I shot here, here and here), but this NYC Series will be a small diary about my New York life and what I'm up to. In here, I also want to show you revisited eating-out-tips, shopping-tips, events and also street styles from people I meet  ;-) Enjoy this trip with me and let me know how you like it!

It's been 3 weeks now that I moved to Brooklyn, Williamsburg and the faster time passes, the more I am getting used to it. I have to say, I was super lucky to find a room with a nice roommate here. Again, Vitamin B helps. It was only a couple of nights before my study abroad semester started and before, I stayed with friends in NJ. Looking for a room in the city is really not as easy, especially if you are not here. There are a couple of options such as Craigslist, Airbnb and also Student Housing, but often these I find superduper expensive and not reasonable. 

Such a warm welcome, thank you S & T! You guys are the best ♥

My budget for a room in a private apartment was 1000$, which I think, is still lots of money and last minute a friend from a friend from a friend got back to me and offered me a room. It was under my budget and the decision was easy. It's a small room, maybe 8m², I sleep on an air mattress with my sleeping bag, but I don't really care, I am here for only a couple of months and I live in one of the best places in Brooklyn. Once again, I had to learn: don't stress out.. in the end, everything will fall into place!

Of course, I had to bake some good bread!

The very first nights on the East Coast // New Jersey

I am so glad that for the first couple of nights my friends from two years ago took care of me and welcomed me back to the States with open arms. Thank you again! ♥ School.. is situated in Downtown Manhattan, Financial District, therefore very busy, very smelly, very loud, many cabs, many tourists.. the Brooklyn Bridge, the One World Trade Center and Chinatown are nearby.  

Lunch view.

Germany is visiting me ♥

Some Sightseeing in Central Park

Germany, second round :)

But.. luckily, I can escape Manhattan a bit and spend most of my weekends in a more quiter place: Williamsburg. When I was here two years back, I wished I could live here, I guess that little dream came true! I didn't do anything big in Brooklyn so far, but will definitely come up with eating-out tips, where-to-shop and many more stories! Oh yes, two of my best friends from Germany already came to visit and I had an amazing time showing them around and showing them MY personal New York, wanna hang out? :)

Although my room is small and I have a 30minute commute to school, the location is just perfect! There is the McCarren Park, the year-long farmer's market every saturday, a donation-based Yoga Studio, a supermarket, the subway station, the beautiful East River State Park with the view to Manhattan aaaand.. for all longboarders out there: the Bustin Board Shop! Everything in 15minutes walking distance. Two weeks ago, I just had to stop by at their shop when they had a HUGE sale going on.. (they are moving down the street and will reopen mid-October) and I couldn't leave the shop without bringing this beauty of board home. Yep, this was definitely a splurge! Not planned, but even as an artwork for my wall totally worth it. I also have the feeling that one day, someone special will receive this :) 

I hope you liked this kind-of NYC Diary, let me know what you think about it! Anything special you want to see while I'm here? 

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.Have a wonderful new week ♥


I saw it, I fell in love, I couldn't resist.

Crack Pie anyone? :)