NYC #3 // Skate and Art Saturday

Last Saturday was my very first day skating in and around Brooklyn and you cannot imagine, I loved loved loved it!! Being back on my board was tremendously relieving! I am so glad that one of my friends from Germany brought one of my boards here, so I can enjoy the city from a different perspective :) So, thank you again T! ♥

Although my ankle is still kind-of swollen, I really wanted to push through Brooklyn! That day, I met up with a dear friend and we had a lovely brunch together in Bushwick. After that, we talked a lot about dreams and travels, how we only have one life and that we should do what we love. What is the best for you? Not for your boy/girlfriend, your parents, your company.. but you? What is your purpose here and what is the most fun to you? 

Deeper into the conversation, she revealed some hidden artwork she did when she studied Design. I had to take some pictures and was amazed by her potential and her ideas :) Find Sarah Azpeitia on her


to get inspired!

After that nice afternoon of skating and exploring a bit of Bushwick, I took the subway home. In that train, a skatergirl approached me and we had a nice little chat, she told me that there's a skateboard artshow that night. It was the 20 year anniversary of Chocolate Skateboards. A skate shop on Bedford Avenue, therefore very close to home. It was really packed and really hot inside, so we only stayed for 10minutes, enough to take these pictures! But actually after that, I had tons of fun skating through my own neighborhood by night! It was exciting for me because it was my first time skating through the streets of New York, now I cannot wait to click on publish and head out.

It's beautiful outside, you should go play! ;-)