NYFW // Black Summer

After that afternoon of NY Fashion Week madness, I met up with Yona again later (after my class) to take some outfit shots of ourselves. Since I had to bring my Yoga clothes (yes, I had a yoga class that morning, too), my school stuff and my camera, I had to bring my backpack. It also had to be comfy, so I went with my brand new sneakers and paired them with all black classics. Oh, I did let some of my stuff ship to NY since I was traveling for a month!

That day, I wore one of my favorite shirts I got during my shopping-challenge. I haven't showed you this one yet because I would only wear it when skating. This time, I thought: yeah why not, try something new! It's a very tomboyish look, but I think it comes from all the skating, and also traveling with boys, but you know what? I really like this one. It's black, gold and a touch of burgundy, my favorite fall color.

Where did I buy that shirt you might ask? When I was in Berlin last January, I visited the

Funky Summer Shop

and Fränky showed me what he has been doing all fall and winter. If he finds time, and there aren't as many customers coming for longboards, he prints t-shirts with silkscreen. You might wanna check it out this year if you happen to be there.

I chose this print because it has a very special meaning to me, I am also very drawn to tree-designs and this one was just perfect. I love how the tree grows out from the longboard, it was love at first sight. The t-shirt is also organic, so I didn't feel too bad about buying this during my challenge. Hope you like it!

Funky Summer

T-Shirt, Urban Outfitters Backpack

Topshop Fake Leather Shorts, Nike SB