NYC #8 // First 4 Miles in the City

Thank you!!!

When I'm in cities such as Berlin or NY, I just love participating in fun events such as Food / Yoga festivals or smaller meet-ups for sports activities.. because hey! Often it's for free, there's good music, good action, good food and duh.. good people around! So, there was this Run x Dinner Event this past Tuesday Night and the deal was: Run 4 Miles with Undo Ordinary and have Dinner afterwards sponsored by Sweetgreen to check out their new Fall Menu. Awesome, right? We had to go! Or better.. I had to go.

So, I asked several friends to come with me and they all couldn't make it. I was by myself and didn't know whether I should go or not.. hmm.. my mind told me not to go because I am still sick and trying to recover from my cold.. should really take breaks! But my heart and my 'ants in the pants' I guess, so that's how Americans say: Hummeln im Hintern .. haha! (so lovely to discover new sayings in a different language!) told me to Go! Go! Go!

This would have been my first run in a long time, too. So.. yep, you hear it. I did not want to go by myself.. until.. hach, I am such a bad decision-taker.. I asked another friend (who is not into running) for an objective opinion and she was totally like:

Yes! You should definitely do it! It will be good for you! Just sweat it all out, it will be good for your cold. You'll make new friends! Just go! 

After such an enthusiastic response, I just had to go. I love how she said: Sweat it all out! Often, you have to do what's best for You. And you need that small kick in your butt! Don't depend on others, just do it! So, I was super excited to put on my brand new shoes and couldn't wait for my very first steps in it. Also, it was the perfect night for a run! There, I met some really nice pals and the founders of Undo Ordinary. We did not run to Williamsburg and back, which would have taken us 9 miles, but instead, along the water on the Westside Highway for 4 miles. 

My thoughts during the run were like this: 1st mile.. this is not too bad, it's actually pretty warm with my jacket. 2nd mile.. Okay, this is a bit tough on me.. with my cold and stuff.. arghh but 2 more and you're done! 3rd mile.. okay, you made it 3/4 of the run, just keep running, no stops, no breaks slow down if you need to.. my legs feel super heavy.. but I'll make it maybeee.. this wasn't the best push my body to do this, hey you're still sick! (doubts, doubts, doubts) aah.. whatever I am here right now, enjoy the view! You cannot change it.. you have to finish it. 3.8miles.. 300m left, you can do it!!! Just keep moving! Don't forget to breathe! Aaaand.. I finished my first 4 miles in NY with an amazing view and amazing people who cheered me up the whole way!!! I still cannot believe that I did this, after 3 months of no running at all. Going for a long run, instead of adjusting myself with short runs first. Nope! Shoot for the stars, kids! After this, we had delicious salads as post-run dinner, I wasn't able to eat right away, so I took it home and was exhausted! As you can tell in the picture above in the left corner, I was the only one with a red face, BUT I was happy and now, two days and an intensive yoga class the morning after, my legs are still sore and I feel like an old lady trying to sit down.. soo funny! I think the only solution here is: Go Running!

Cheers guys! 

I hope you enjoyed this little tale of my first 4 miles in the city.

And remember yourself, kick your butt and just do it!

Nike Air Zoom Structure 18, this time no black, yes, it's bright and pink! :)

Nike Air Zoom Structure 18, this time no black, yes, it's bright and pink! :)