NYC #5 // The High Line / Dumplings / Brooklyn Bridge

I have to say that I am pretty glad that one of my dear friends from Germany is staying her whole summer semester break here in the U.S.! Every week, we can set up one day for ourselves and the best thing about it is that I can show her MY New York, how I remembered it, which places I loved and explore new spots together.

The first place I wanted to show her was the High Line. It's pretty crowded and packed because now, it appears in any travel guide as the #1 attraction in NY. Additionally, they finished up the beginning of the line, which wasn't there two years ago (see that post here). I think everyone loves strolling around here and it's a good spot to sit down and have lunch. I love the architecture and art surrounding this transformed subway line. But have a look yourself ;-)

That day, I also showed her around Little Italy and Chinatown and she was amazed about how diverse New York is, but clearly, NY is not America. It's a huge city with tons of different cultures clashing together, which makes it so exciting and beautiful. Any corner of New York is worth seeing and I am very much looking forward to the not-so-touristy places. 

When it comes to food and eating out, I always like to check out Serious Eats, a seriously good food blog about where to eat in big cities. Following their recommendation, we visited Shanghai Café Deluxe for lunch and dinner at once, yes, we didn't eat much that day, so we were starving when we went to that place. Not knowing about the size of their dishes, we ordered 2 entrées and the famous dumplings (vegetarian of course). It was a lot of food, but it was really good! I would definitely come here again for their dumplings, but as you know me, I like to try out new things ;)

By the end of the day, we decided to walk from Chinatown to the Brooklyn Bridge Park because I haven't been there yet this year. It's nice to go to places you've been in the past and then remember the good old days. As my American friends would say, walking through the city is a good way of exercise! Let's burn some calories ;)