NYC #11 // When in New York...

Start the day right.. nope.. not with brunch, but with real yummy breakfast. Recipe here.

Walk around and enjoy the little things.

 Visit the Costume Institute Exhibition Death becomes Her in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Diego Rivera // The Café Terrace

Diego Rivera // The Café Terrace

Max Weber // Athletic Contest

Max Weber // Athletic Contest

Find your favorite artwork in the many, many exhibitions.

Dream yourself back in time.

Stroll through Chelsea Market.

See Ms. Liberty, at least once and for free from the Staten Island Ferry.

Explore Downtown.

Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.

End the day with a nice sunset from Dumbo.

Celebrate Pumpkin Season and do pumpkin-everything!

Look up. Yep, away from your phone.

Discover new artists and designers at Artists & Fleas, Williamsburg.

Try something New!

Have delicious food at  Smorgasburg

Have delicious food at Smorgasburg

Take a moment to step back and be grateful.