2014 // It was my pleasure ♥

One of my biggest New Year's Resolutions for 2014 was my 6-Month-No-Shopping-Challenge, at which I did a fair job: I ended up buying only a few items from a flea market, and one blouse. Now, thinking 'bout this, it's crazy, isn't it (considering myself as the shopaholic I was before)? Wow, maybe I should do it again! It made my mind clearer and let me focus on the important things in life. Also, what went along way were my many visits to flea markets to sell my beloved items and give them new owners. Read a full review here. My consumption on clothing has definitely changed and I still try my best to only buy things I love and can imagine myself wearing everyday!

Rebekka Ruétz A/W'14

Green Juice from Rohvolution // Berlin

That Vegan Quiche

Also, I took the risk and went from mid-length-hair to #shorthairdontcare and loved it! During Berlin Fashion Week A/W'14 in January, it was nice to catch up with friends and visit a couple of shows and fairs, my very first time for only my blog! Hurray! Throughout the year, I spent a good amount of time in Berlin, being close to my boyfriend and friends, but also to the creative input of the city. We did lots of cooking, baking and experimenting with new recipes. The Raw x Vegan Food Fair was a highlight where we experienced different dishes, brands and superfoods. Highly recommended to anyone who's into it! I reconnected with Nature by learning and studying a bit about Edible Wild Herbs and their Powers. Hug a Tree! My meals became lighter, greener and healthier, from Green Juices to Salads with Superfoods and to THAT favorite Vegan Quiche.

By the end of this year, I became more and more vegan with small exceptions here and there. I met the Swede Malin Elmlid in person and traded in Spices from the Sudan with one of her Sourdough Breads --the Bread Exchange. Her Book is out, too! Yumm! 

Summer suddenly arrived and Berlin Fashion Week S/S'15 was another huge event series with fairs and people. But we didn't only focus on food and fashion, during the summer I got to hang out a lot at Funky Summer Longboard Shop and learned some longboard screwing skills - yes!

Ride into Summer with the Loaded Teamriders happened to be with our shop in Berlin, too! Adam Colton's Bite the Bag Game became a classic! Uh, I also went Skydiving in Berlin for the first time - who's coming with me next?

After the Rainstorm 

August, the month where I took off for new Adventures, new Heights and explored a new country: Canada - Vancouver to be precise - Rocky Mountains - Tofino, Vancouver Island. Backpacking - Hiking - Surfing. #eatsleephikerepeat #wildlife to the fullest #girlsroadtrip. I loved every minute! It was breath-taking, unbelievable, so so beautiful, so much fun, so much quality of life and untouched nature, please can you take me back?! 3 weeks were not enough! This trip was followed by one week of San Francisco Sunshine. More food, more hiking. Just good people and positive vibes overall.


On top of Mount Fairview // Rocky Mountains, Canada

Vancouver Island

San Francisco Sunshine

Another reason why I decided to go on a Shopping Fast earlier this year was my Study Abroad semester. I applied in late 2013 and crazily, got into the few spots for New York City! At the end, I was glad that I did not know how hard it actually was to get into THAT city. Just be yourself! Yes, even in your applications and motivation letters! I remember exactly one year ago when I had to make the decision: do it and spend tons of money or leave it and save it. I doubted a lot, why? Maybe because I do not have that kind of savings account and maybe, I didn't get a scholarship until one week before I headed out to Vancouver. Anyways! September! NEW YORK! 

I was excited, I still am. 4 months being a full-time student and experiencing New York anew. Wow, the city, I first fell in love with.. how was it? Besides school, papers and final exams, it was amazing. Very different from my first time: I spotted some favorite Bloggers during New York Fashion Week, my first Broadway Bomb with the East Coast people were crazy fast and crazy good, I fell truly and deeply in love with Running again, I met very interesting people. Some of them I learned to love and care about. I am grateful for every moment this year. Reflecting on 2014 makes me realize: I love my life, even in your toughest and roughest times, just do what you love and keep doing it. Better times will always come!

Being a Tomboy during NYFW 

Broadway Bomb

Best of Fleas in Williamsburg

A huge THANK YOU to every single one who was part of 2014! I can't wait for new adventures and share with you more positive light and love! ♥

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