NYC #15 // Stretch out with UNDO

Yoga. It makes everyone a more loving, compassionate being on earth. After any session, I am always in Slow-Motion. I move, touch, eat, drink more mindfully. If you haven't read my small THANK YOU note to Yoga yet, here it is again:

Every single session is such a healing gift for my body and mind. I've learned how to combine breathing, physical exercise and meditation. This is real quality time. Always, always love yourself first before you go out and spread it. Also, you start recognizing how breathing is so important while doing yoga. You become more mindful and grateful for everyday little things. When you incorporate yoga and meditation in your hectic, crazy schedule, you will see small changes. Small changes with big impact. And the more I do it, the more I love life and feel happier, more grounded, more myself and confident. 

These pictures were taken at the Undo x WithoutWalls Yoga Event held for the launch of their 2nd Issue. After a small meditation intro session with Ben Turshen, Shae led us through a nice yoga flow. Thanks to UndoMagazine who made this happen!