Breakfast Medley

Almond and fennel chocolate by @antidotechoco with CYPERUS ESCULENTUS (also known as chufa sedge, earth almond or tiger nuts. "It has been suggested that the extinct hominin Paranthropus boisei, the "Nutcracker Man," subsisted on tiger nuts. (...) Zohary and Hopf estimate that C. esculentus "ranks among the oldest cultivated plants in Ancient Egypt." (...) Its dry tubers have been found in tombs from predynastic times about 6000 years ago. In those times, C. esculentus tubers were consumed either boiled in beer, roasted, or as sweets made of ground tubers with honey. (...) Its consumption can help prevent heart disease and thrombosis and is said to activate blood circulation and reduce the risk of colon cancer. This tuber is rich in energy content (starch, fat, sugar, and protein), minerals (mainly phosphorus and potassium), and vitamins E and C thus making this tuber also suitable for diabetics. Tiger nut tubers contain almost twice the quantity of starch as potato or sweet potato tubers. The oil of the tuber was found to contain 18% saturated and 82% unsaturated fatty acids. The moderately high content of phytosterols further enriches the quality and value of tiger nut oil as a food source. - Wikipedia)
And I thought this is just a good snack when my friend's mum recommended it to me.

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