What did I get into? Apparently, we started racing...

Started off pretty good w/ my personal pacer in crime @briggitte_ 'till Mile 6 at the end of Central Park - lil' bit of drama - twisted that fucking same ankle again - OK! BREATHE! CLEAR YOUR MIND! CAN YOU WALK? CHECK - CAN YOU RUN? - It kinda works.. and till Mile 13.1 I just wanted to get through this and stay positive :) AND MILE AFTER MILE.. WE MADE IT!!! Glad the real pain kicked in after the race. Amazing experience with incredible people! So much love, so much energy ♥ THANKS to everyone who cheered!

Recap to Mile 11.6 this morning - the BEST Cheer Squad ever! Meant so much to me :) Also, BIG LOVE to @blackrosesnyc who welcomed me with open arms and hearts ♥

Photo Cred @nadianeo

Recap to my first medal & first doughnut in NYC aka Treat Yourself :) Thanks @paavozatopek for this vegan treat!