Run with Scott Jurek

"She's the reason why I keep on running. She keeps the machine working." - @scottjurek about his wife Jenny who was waiting at last night's destination with the 50miler mark

And I remember her saying at that point "Scott, another 2 miles!" - Jenny wanted him to keep going and when I asked her why - she answered "It's only two miles, he has to do it and he's in good spirit!" And I couldnt believe that the group kept on moving... A couple of miles earlier we had the pleasure to run with him while he told us about his trip from Georgia to Maine so far, that he did indeed spend a good amount of time running in the woods all by himself - especially in the South!, that he might be closer to 370 miles per week since he also has good days with 56 to 60 miles per day (craazy!!!), that he didnt really train for this to prevent him from injuries - he solely relied on his past as an ultrarunner - "You just have to be smart about it and learn along the way". THIS was one of the special runs - extremely exciting and just the perfect timing!

"Do things, always!" - @scottjurek

Thank you for being.
Please keep doing what you do - keep pushing, keep finding the edges, keep loving, keep surrounding yourself by light and keep on running! All the best on your journey! Thank you for the amazing 10 miler!