Track Life with Andres Perezchica

After a weekend filled with running stories, the best races and track stadiums in the world, coconut water, baked eggs tasting like pizzas, rooftop late night studies about lactate acid and pyruvate over dumplings, The High Line plus Central Park exploration in the summer heat - @andresperezchica a 800m 1:49 runner came out to the track to do a long workout (12x400m) with the guys and to give us a SPEED WORKSHOP: I was stoked!
Activations & drills
8 x 50m
4 x 400m w/ 60sec recovery
2x 50m
Power drills

And I never thought a track workout could get inside you THIS deep. I died on the 2nd 400m and died again on the 3rd - it got too emotional and I had to stop after. Being disappointed by myself by not doing the 4th one, Andres lifted my heart and mind by saying "It's all good, most elite runners only do 2 of them". I felt good for a moment but kept wondering - why and how does it come that this workout was so emotionally intense? You doubt, doubt and doubt some more. And he said "It's okay to die because everyone is gonna die - so just turn off your brain and let your body take over because it wants to go fast". At the end, this is what we're seeking for - the speed of dreams.

Pictures by Luke Wright @impressiveluke

Runners: Sean H. Lee, Fred Goris, Knox Robinson, Andres Perezchica