About Monday Night

Rebuilding yourself as a runner also means leaving your past behind and instead of thinking of how fit and active you were - focus on what you ARE and DO today.
After this weekend with some hills here and there, grass jogs and a mental reset - I decided to jump into my first Trail Race last night - the 3.5mi Blueberry Run in Minnewaska State Park. Felt a little bit nervous, bit excited but then again - stayed optimistic: this was about having fun and good times! Not knowing how many hills, wet grass fields, slippery rocks, switchbacks and - Yes! puddles were waiting for me, I kept my body moving - recalling the words "Baby Steps, Baby Steps". At some point I was wondering: when does it finally feel like flying again because right now it's only pain and rollers and people stopping and walking (which make you want to stop and walk, too)! ...
But it wasn't until the downhills and the sprint at the finish where I let loose and which brought me back to that so-called Runner's High!
Although the past several months were marked with pain, worries, emotional and physical setbacks, it's an incredible feeling to come back, believe that "Today is a new day" and give it your best in this exact moment in this exact workout/run/race. Life is way too short and way too beautiful to not challenge your limits!