Exciting Moments

Now that we're slowly getting back into shape and adding more mileage every week, running feels too good to be true - almost too comfortable. Whenever this happens I wonder when will my body feel sore again? And it wasn't until this morning - two days after @blackrosesnyc TRACK ATTACK that I feel my calves, butt, even core and arms aching - we put in some quality work:

20min warm-up
Activations & drills (Backwards, Sideways -- because hey! Challenge your body coordination plus flexibility)
8 x 50m
800m at 65%
4 x (400m plus 200m strides plus 200m sprints)
800m reversed cooldown
4 x 50m
Power lunges & high jumps

And yes! We are getting a little bit spoiled with the fast workouts - doesn't mean that we didn't die and cursed on the track!

cc: @andresperezchica

Photo: @romsbern