"This gives you a foot massage which stimulates all the nerve reflex points in the soles of your feet, which in turn stimulate all the organs of your body. By being barefoot you also get grounded, this direct contact with Great Mother Earth meaning that electrical equilibrium is established between you and the planet." - Rohé, Zen of Running

When @the_miko asked me last night if I am the new barefoot running girl I had to smile. Yes! Sometimes I would run barefoot on track back in my high school years - because I had the impression that I was faster and lighter. Plus it was one of the best feelings ever: take off your shoes, feel the soft track beneath your sole and just LET GO. So now being back on the track, it feels natural to me to do my warm-ups/cool-downs on the grass and maybe some sprints without shoes. It gives me somekind of freedom and play at the same time - you should try it!