Light Up

718AM -- And I appreciate early opening hours so much! After a couple of easy miles in the city, I stopped by the newly opened @footballcafe_fc, situated across the Lions Gate Soccer Field, to try out their special Més Que Cafe (a signature upgraded coffee and healthy meal replacement whipped with grass-fed butter or ghee + coconut oil). Left out the butter/ghee and went with only coffee + coconut oil.

This combo is not neccessarily new to me since we've been trying out different coffee add-ons ourselves which turned me into a lover just recently BUT @chefsez_nyc's vivid thoughts and explanation behind their specialty made me realize that not only does the coffee in general taste amazing -- but the healthy benefits of a slower caffeine release throughout the day (since coconut oil with its saturated fatty acids takes longer to break down) makes your brain function better instead of giving it a fast high until it crashes and you feel the urge to feed more into the vicious cycle of caffeine overdose - compared to espresso (or in @hottubbatphone2's example cocaine). PLUS you end up drinking less caffeine!

But to make it short: stop by on #100forsyth and try out a different kind of coffee ;-) #mésquecafe