And we're back

Last night's @blackrosesnyc TRACK ATTACK was real: I was happy to see more members showing up to train, to run, to become better athletes and people.
Yes, we are a collective and we are doing the workouts together - but also after @firstrun's speech - he reminded all of us WHY we are out here: we're here for business. Meaning training, giving your best, finding your edge and getting closer to your dreams - one step at a time. The more I am around people who are serious about their passions and authentic and pure about their intentions - I am more and more cutting out negative and/or emotional distractions and focusing on work, on my performance - not saying that it's easy.

During the workout of.. 2mile warm-up
Activations & Drills
Power lunges & high jumps
7min. of @quacktieu's partner workouts

.. I kept thinking of the 50s I did with @lono3 the week before and how I can improve my running by having a faster leg turnover. And after ticking all of the boxes, the 1000s felt easier every time and I lost more and more fear. It's nice to be back and feeling confident again friends!
Photo: @romsbern