The 5k Time Trial

Where do I begin? What has changed? How did my body and I transform as a runner throughout the past couple of weeks, months? From no running at all and hurting to mountainrunning, BLACKROSESNYC track workouts and @nikenyc long runs of 14milers.

WHAT LEVEL ARE YOU AT RIGHT NOW?! // I compared this trial to the Cooper-Test (run as far as you can in 12min) back in highschool which we had to do beginning of every new track&field season. So this was kind of a double-cooper test with 12,5 laps. Mixed feelings at first and nervous but I knew I could do this. Just focus on ticking off every single lap and let your body speak for itself.

Lap after lap, I kept a steady pace, did indeed slow down in between because I was scared to push but after being yelled at to shift gears - I changed into longer strides and a faster cadence. Still remember how my bare feet hit the ground at the last 200m.

It's incredible and encouraging to experience all this - yes! You can change your body, your performance in only a couple of weeks and now I do believe too that after the summer I'm going to be a totally different runner - mentally and physically.
Thank you @blackrosesnyc and Coach @firstrun.