Track Star

After a week of jetlag, a fastest Mile at the track by myself, a poorly executed Tempo, an easy 60min. jog to clear my mind and readjustments to all this - yesterday's conversation and meet felt a little bit like home.

My new training partner and I talked running, workouts, times, pressure, college etc etc but also other passions and interests like dancing, skating, boxing, parkour. And for a couple moments our eyes sparked and we shared curiosities and pain!

Plus, I needed this workout:
2.8mi warm-up
Activations & drills
1mile (Fast-relax-hard-finish)
-- failed on my 1st attempt because I went out too fast, stopped at 600m and started again "Ok! This is only 7min of pain" --
Power lunges & stretch
1.5mi cool down

She did her own workout, but before she started out with her sprints, she yelled "Bring your spikes next time!" cc: @blackrosesnyc @firstrun