On a Wednesday

"What advantages do we hope to gain? Naturally, there is the pleasure we get from the climbing process itself and from our victories, but as well as the delights of exercise in a mountain environment, there is also the process, coming every time as a surprise, of self-discovery, deepening a little further with every climb: who we are, how far we can go, what is our potential, where are the limits of our technique, our strength, our skill, our mountaineering sense: discoveries whose acceptance means that, if necessary, we may turn back and return another time, several times if need be. - Tomorrow is a new day." - Gaston Rébuffat

"The term "felsenmeer" comes from the German meaning 'sea of rock'. In a felsenmeer, freeze-thaw weathering has broken up the top layer of the rock, covering the underlying rock formation with jagged, angular boulders. Freeze-thaw weathering occurs when water that is trapped along microcracks in rock expands and contracts due to fluctuations in temperature above and below the freezing point. Felsenmeers are formed in situ, meaning that they are not transported during or after their creation."

To trust in the present is to be mindful of the fact that this moment, and every moment, is a one-time gift. So smile and embrace the day as you never did before!