Track Tuesday

As my teammates are heading to the track to get some work in.. I was - until last week - training for the #TCSNYCMARATHON. Of course, super stoked to be running my first Marathon, but also to represent my support crew and experiencing it all. The 42km. Yep. Body and mind felt fine.

Thursday, I got diagnosed with a stress fracture, -- and I am out. No running for the next 5 weeks meaning no racing this season as it doesn't give me enough time to train. It got to me - because running was what kept me sane and getting up in the A.M. Days later, been talking to dear friends and I had to pin #hailleggatron aka @vexyspice's words on my wall:

I will be fine.
I will be great.
I will be stronger.
I will be ready.

And to look at the bigger picture (one should always do that!)- running was and will always be there for me (even before the age of social media) and yes, even if "Running is life" - it doesnt define me entirely. Heyyy - life is pretty good, happy to be able to do everything else (swimming, cycling, yoga, bouldering, hiking, chesss?! - you name it!) and very grateful to have found a family that I can count on - YOU are much appreciated! BIG HUGS!

cc: @blackrosesnyc
And now go kill it on the track, RUN RUN RUN - because YOU CAN! Be freeee!

P.S.: I'll be back running sooOOOon!
Photo: @nricketts25