On writing again

Had this beautiful, rich and inspiring lunch conversation about writing, languages, words, literature and grammar the other day that I felt motivated and empowered to get back into it again. Into writing. And even yesterday, we were talking about how many of our practices, yoga and running, is so much about the practice itself. About our dedication to it. About actually just showing up. Whether it means to put your running shoes on, grab your yoga mat, hop on your bike or pick up the pen again. Day in and day out. It's about your training, your patience, your discipline. About consistency. 

Knowing that English is my third language doesn't make writing easier, and I do spend a good amount of time with dictionaries and google, looking up and researching words and meanings, phrases, slang that interest me the most, which that is current and which that is fascinating to me, but I am truly having fun again. Writing doesn't have to be miserable, it is one outlet of mine to allow myself to be happy - as Aunty Ifeka in 'Half of a Yellow Sun' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, in a different context, in a different time said. Allow yourself to be happy. Let these words simmer for a bit.