Hey Fall!

Throwback to the beautiful weekend where I got to spend some needed time outdoors. Hiking and running - yes, slowly getting back into it again and tremendously enjoying how the body - my body - feels like when pounding the flesh, muscles and bones to the ground. Often when running feels like flying we forget how much pressure we put on our bodies and then again, I am grateful -- for instance for this:
Started saturday's 5km a bit hesitant, afraid of pains and aches but time and steps flew by and when our feet created a harmonious sound on the trails, I grew confident and fell in love with running all over again. "Forget the watch, the numbers for now, no pressure - it does matter what you've done and all the training you put in during the summer. Your body does remember. So just take it easy and remember why we run -- because you know, we love it." And it's okay that I am not running my first Marathon this sunday because I have found people to share my passion with - highs and lows, stride by stride, side by side.