Morning Energy

Woke up a bit melancholic. Is it the fall, is it the marathon blues even though I didn't run one, is it the fact that I am already missing the people that I am fond of? A mix of everything for sure - after cancelling today's early morning jog, I knew I had to change my attitude and mood about this day. 'Stay in the moment, live day by day', he says. Changed my mind again. Called him and we took off to the trails 20min later. Running is always there for us.

We talked training, recovery, future races and goals, personal victories but more importantly, we also shared sufferings which everyone has deep down inside. And we both know there are ways to let go, to free ourselves, to live with more joy - Running is always there for us.

I had a beautiful morning, the sun is out, fall colors are incredible, ran 3miles on trails on a pretty decent pace and it is so great to know that we can push negativity away and give every moment a new chance. There is nothing to worry about because today we are alive!

Have a safe day.