NYC Marathon 2015

nyc marathon 2015 4.jpg

The dream is important.

It is your passion, dedication, work and encouragement that I am moved by. You - the one showing all of us that great things are possible. Running a marathon is not easy although the current conversation conveys something different. A lot of it is running by yourself - rain or shine. Day in and day out.

When I saw you @readrunrepeat training in Central Park for the NYC Half Marathon last season, I was positively surprised. Seeing you practicing with @blackrosesnyc on two nights out of the week and then adding longer runs made me realize that it is both. Running alone and in a group makes you mentally and physically stronger. So when you're out there stepping up to the start line, pushing all doubts away, taking one step after another, smiling through the cheer sections and finishing strong - you are also living my dream and the dream of many others.

Deep down we are all runners and I am inspired by your courage, devotion and pursuit of excellence.

Congratulations again to all finishers. You are loved!