All what you've won

My heart is heavy.
I became a local, local and familiar with cities, countries between time and space. It couldn't be more different. The conversations I have, the books I read, the ideas I dwell on - it's all not happening where I am coming from. Of course, how can they. Born and raised in a country where your parents stay in their own traditions and structures. Living in a world within a world. Practicing a culture within a culture. How to get out of it? Wherever I go, I feel distance - but it is here where I feel understood. Still, it would be too easy to chase happiness in different spheres because true joy comes from within.

This morning's talk lifted my spirit.

"You're gonna be ok. As long as you carry your meaning inside you, you're gonna be on the right path. Wherever you gonna end up, you know how to figure it out. You know how to adapt and you will always land on your feet." And you come to accept it, learn to accept it. Learn to grow with it. Learn to deal with it. Instead of fighting it, preserve as much as you can. Celebrate change, growth, all what you've won. And the people? The greatest are still gonna be there. I love you.

NY, 10/2015
#NP Inner City Travellin' Man - Yasiin Bey