Birthday in Münster

Monday, start into a fresh new week. Woke up and started the new year, the new day in a new city, in a new coffee shop and had bagels à la AI WEI WEI and TIMO at Teilchen & Beschleuniger. My dear friend showed me around her University town - Münster - bicycle capital of Germany. One of the sights was the Hawerkamp, which is full of graffiti and home to numerous cultural events, clubs and art studios.

Later in the day, she surprised me with a vegan dinner at BUN BITES BEEF and took me to her actual school - we ended up taking an African Dance Class!

Thank you for this wonderful one Mimi!

HERE IT IS TO BE 23 - Or did I turn 30? Ha! Who knows - the spirit counts. Another year to do more of what I love. Grateful and very excited for life, its people, wonders and surprises. Looking forward to more adventures, more dancing and laughing, more creating, more loving, more hugging, more understanding, more communicating, more running hopefully! more travelling, yes! more eating and more learning. Can't wait to share new languages, new skills, new books, new inspirations, new sights and much more with you all!

And hey.. thank YOU! You know who you are - you guys are the best <3

The pictures of me are taken by Minh Tam @mimispursuit.