Support Young Girls

 Images by Nichole Ricketts

Images by Nichole Ricketts

On Wednesday morning, we got together to celebrate International Day of the Girl Child in support of @girlsgottarun and we had so much fun #doingthings: running and greeting the morning sun, getting to know each other, moving our bodies in different ways—yes, you ran more than a mile—being kind and cherishing the moment by bending and meditating, writing love letters, kicking off a new day and a new journey.

It was so beautiful to include @jenn_tardif and @3rdritual into our International Day of the Girl celebration that morning, her words reminded me that my own practice of running, meditation and writing are practices of self-care. Whenever I do them, I feel so much better afterwards even though keeping up consistency can be difficult at times, I never regret having spent the time doing them. It's important to make more and more choices where you say "Yes" to yourself and to create a daily ritual, a daily "Yes" to self care. So, when Jenn suggested we could include journaling to the meditation, I was really excited. I believe there is strength in manifesting your needs and fears. Putting words onto paper means putting thought into action—taking the first steps into realizing and visualizing your dreams. Here is to more dreaming and more visualizing!


Big thank you to everyone who came out and big love for being part of this Jenn from 3rdritual + Districtvision + Outdoorvoices + if you couldn't make it, I still encourage you to donate to the Girlsgottarun foundation. By investing today, you can help provide Athletic Scholarship Programs and Life Skills Curriculums for the girls in Sodo and Bekoji, Ethiopia.