Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all doing fabulous!! Yes, you’ve read correctly, haha! I am doing really good actually. After a tumultuous first week back in Germany, in Berlin and at university, I am slowly finding my groove and for the past few days, I have been incredibly enjoying my ‘productive’ time dedicated to my own projects. And as the title suggests: A NEW PROJECT IS OUT AND ONLINE THIS MOMENT! THE GOLDTOGREEN PODCAST WOOHOO :)

A couple weeks ago, my friend Simon Chung from Canal Street Market in New York approached me and asked: ‘Huyen, would you like to start your own podcast?!’ I hesitated and waited for a full 24hrs to get back to him. Of course, I was scared. Stepping into a new (media) space always feels uncomfortable, but since I am on this wave of ‘lots of changes and lots of transitions’ right now, I said: Sure! Why not! Let’s do it!

I always saw GOLDTOGREEN as something bigger than me and thus, already started opening the conversation, the platform to more people and voices (for example read Michelle Kay’s contribution here). It was meant to be an extension of one’s thoughts and ideas and having people—inspiring human beings at its center, it just made sense to tap into other spaces and become multi-dimensional. As a young creative, I am also becoming more and more comfortable with all the hyphens and calling myself multi-disciplinary. So… GOLDTOGREEN is becoming multi-dimensional.

With more time and focus to write and create even more — and the necessity of ‘letting go of perfectionism’ — this podcast, at its early stages, is still a work in progress. It is definitely not perfect, but it is a start. And I am super happy to invite you to listen in, to get inspired, to learn and to contribute yourself. If you have thoughts and ideas — people that I should interview — please let me know! Also, you probably know the whole spiel: subscribe, rate, and share if you like it :)

The New York City Marathon is approaching super fast and we’re only a few days out… this year, I have a few friends running, but I am specifically stoked for dear friend Victor Roman — artist and designer — who will be running his very first marathon! And for my first episode, I sat down with him and spoke about his upbringing, his life between art and design and how he started running…

Find the podcast here and if you have itunes, you can listen here as well.

Again, massive shoutout to the guys at Canal Street Market for providing the space!

AND lots of love to Arthaya Nootecharas, who created all the artwork.

Hope you enjoy and let us know in the comments what you think.

Happy NYC Marathon week — I am cheering from afar.

Big big love from Berlin,