Hi everyone, 

Hope you’re doing amazing! Wanted to take this time to tell you about my next adventure!

It's been almost 4 years since I have met Kayla Nolan, the Executive Director of GIRLSGOTTARUN and since then, I have been involved with the organization in Ethiopia through many different ways. Back then, when I learned about GGRF, I was extremely curious and excited, learning about their athletic and educational approach, and it's been really amazing to build together. 

From raising awareness, spreading the word, sharing Kayla's story about her life and work in Ethiopia, to many activations (International Day of the Girl, International Women's Day 2015-2018) with friends and collaborators - such as District Vision3rd RitualOutdoor VoicesCanal Street MarketSnow Peak etc., to running marathons and fundraising donations, to creating my own Goldtogreen t-shirts where part of the proceeds went towards the girls scholarships - it is incredibly fulfilling to dedicate my time and energy into the girls and their education. 


Thus, I am SO stoked and happy to announce that I will be joining the girls and women @GIRLSGOTTARUN for their first ever 100-MILE ULTRA RELAY from the peaks of the Bale Mountains through the agricultural heartland of Oromia Region with an end in the iconic running town of Bekoji. 

TOTAL COST: For this, I am fundraising $2400 to sponsor 2 girls and their families including the trip costs: 

$1200 donation to sponsor two girls and their families in the GGRF Bekoji Program. 

$1200 for the trip and participation in the GGRF Ultra Relay. 


Please share with friends and family. It would mean the world to me and the girls to have your support and love! 

Also: please no gifts for my upcoming birthday, since visiting Ethiopia has been on my wish list for many years and I hope that with your help, this can come true :)

Massive thank you in advance for believing in this endeavour! 

Big love and big hugs,

xx Huyen 


P.S.: Your contribution of.... would provide:

+$15 provides one pair of shorts or pants 

+$20 provides transportation for one month for one athlete to and from training and race sites

+$25 provides healthy snacks for one athlete for one month 

+$30 provides one sports uniform for one athlete 

+$35 provides one sports bra for a girl runner 

+$50 provides one pair of running shoes $60 provides an entire month’s food for one athlete for one month 

+$75 provides one pair of shoes and one sports outfit for one girl 

+$100 provides one coach’s subsidy for 3 months (for after school coaching) 

+$100 provides an athlete the opportunity to travel to domestic competitions 

+$600 sponsors an athlete for a year