The G2G Challenge: 30 days of no shopping

Photo by Nichole Ricketts

Photo by Nichole Ricketts

Yes, you read it right! 30 days of no shipping. No new clothes, no new sneakers. No sports bras, no running gear, not another tee, no fanny packs and no accessories (jewelry and the likes). 

After reviewing my spending of the past months and knowing the travel ahead of me, I decided to put a hold on this cycle of consuming. Last weekend, I said to some of my friends “How about   no shopping for a month?!” Immediately, they were in! — For 30days, we’re rethinking our spending behavior and saying NO to this vicious cycle.

Why do this? I have very practical reasons: save money for travel, be more intentional about spending, a much needed break from the materialistic life and simplify, simplify, simplify which equals the gold to green life. More balance again :) 

After I shared this challenge on Instagram 20+ people said YES and joined as well! I am super stoked and will be sending a separate email to the challenge group shortly, but if you're intrigued and want to join as well (it's literally the worst month to do this, with all the sales going on, but to be honest who cares - we all have what we need!), reach out and let me know! It's never too late to take a break from the shopping! And whatever reason you have to do this, even considering this yourself, is a sign that you want to rethink how you spend your money. 

And for you, to start off, here are some tips and tricks for the next days — I've done 6 months before (yeah I know, crazy right!), so I remember a few tactics! 

1. Stay away: from stores, advertising, online shops. I know it's really hard BUT try your best to avoid mindless surfing online, as well as window shopping. Think about all the experiences with your loved ones ahead of you that you can spend the money on!

2. When you are tempted: to buy something new. Maybe sleep a night or two and think about whether or not you really! need it. And most often, you probably won't. Ask yourself, do you have a similar item in your closet? And if really necessary, maybe there is a way to buy this specific item used, at a later date or look for a similar one in a thrift store / vintage store. You'll end up with a more unique item + you're choosing to be sustainable :)

3. Do everything else! Go outside, be active, go to the museum, see your friends. Spend a day biking, or at the beach. DO all the things that don't include shopping. It's also such a good time to take a small social media break and not look at all the glamorous things happening on the 'gram. Start a mindfulness routine, get back into running or cycling or whatever it is that you missed doing! AND have fun!!! 

I'm already 7 days in and was so tempted a couple of times this week, BUT those reminders above, help me stay strong. So, I didn't buy anything! Very proud of myself and you know what, I actually started selling some of my clothes as well. I must say, it feels good to clear all the clutter, make space for more good energy! Selling another 2 bags this weekend. Will report on how it goes!

+++ COME JOIN US, share your experiences, your struggles but also your learnings! Tag #g2gchallenge and @goldtogreen and guess what, I am already thinking about a nice little treat for all of us after the month is over :) Let me know how the first days go and I am here for you, too!

Happy weekend!!