EP #4 - In conversation with Artist + Dancer Jess Hu


In the fourth episode of the podcast, I sit down with Jess Hu aka Jess2Sick.

We talk about her dance journey, her love for the community, the idea behind PROJECT SHMOOD, as well as her mental health practice and what it means to her to be an Asian female creative in today’s social media age. 

One of my favourite quotes from this episode:

‘Every day, I have to continue on being a creative, and being Asian, being female, being in dance, and heavy in the battle scene, being the only female in that scene, the pressure of not looking too feminine. (…) We [as Asian women] have to overcome all of these stereotypes. Being submissive is one of them. For a while, I fell into being submissive and let people walk all over me. Finally, it was dancing, it was moving to New York, finding myself, being solution-oriented that I realised, I know my worth now, but knowing your worth also means that you have to not let your culture, or your family, or other people hold you back. (…) When I look at it, I am thinking: I am the next wave, I am just this random string that is there to support and be vocal for people who felt silenced. I never in my life thought I wanted to be so vocal about being Asian-American, having a platform and being a role model, until I moved to New York. I realised, there are so many of us, but our side never gets told properly.’

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Here you see Jess in New York. We recorded this episode in late April 2019.

Here you see Jess in New York. We recorded this episode in late April 2019.