EP #6 - In conversation with Artist Daniel Marin Medina


In the sixth episode of the podcast, I sit down with dear friend and co-captain of our running team WAYV RUN KOLLEKTIV: Daniel Marin Medina.

I know it’s been long overdue, but here it is finally! Thanks to my media science institute at my university, we were able to record this special episode. We speak about how Daniel first came out, what it means to be a queer person of color, his upbringing in Colombia, Chicago and New York, his art and drawings, papayas, our favourite netflix show POSE, his move to Berlin, dancing, depression and duh.. running.. from XC to Nike Run Club to international marathons.

One of my favourite quotes from this episode:

There is this saying in Columbia which translates to ‘Don’t give papaya’ — it means if you give people room to mess with you, and they mess with you, that’s your fault, you gave them the room, so I just took this approach of don’t let them mess with you, don’t give them room. No Papayas for anyone. You had to pay for your papayas. I was brown, I was an immigrant, I was gay, I was tiny, there were a lot of things people could have messed with me for. I was like: no. Not going to happen. I was the first Out captain in our XC team and it was really nice to not pretend to be someone else.

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This picture was taken in Berlin in July 2019.

This picture was taken in Berlin in July 2019.